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Erisa Apantaku is an audio storyteller from Wilmette, Illinois. At South Side Weekly Radio, she oversees the production of the weekly radio show and trains up-and-coming audio journalists. In her spare time, she develops creative fiction and nonfiction pieces that center themes of identity, sexuality, and race.

@erisa_apantaku @apeandtaco



Bridget Vaughn was born, raised and still lives on the South Side of Chicago. She’s living her dream by helping change the narrative of the South Side by showcasing and representing her community more holistically. Bridget has been a contributor to South Side Weekly newspaper and radio since May 2017.




Bridget is the managing editor of South Side Weekly based out of Chicago, Illinois. She oversees the content being published through the paper, and works with new writers in developing their journalistic voice. She loves covering housing, infrastructure, and local politics. When she’s not reporting—a good swim, exploration of a new neighborhood, or creating art is always welcomed.




Olivia Obineme is a freelance multimedia journalist, originally from Baltimore, Maryland. At South Side Weekly Radio, she serves as a producer and host. She is a Medill School of Journalism graduate student at Northwestern University. You can find her work in Chicago Reader, Complex, Red Bull, and Vogue.

@oliviaobineme @viewsbyo


This project was funded in part by an Illinois HUMANITIES Action Grant.

Special thanks to our additional supporters:

  • City Bureau

  • Invisible Institute

  • South Side Weekly

Special thanks to Kusanya Cafe for providing venue space for our exhibit and events. And special thanks to artist John Preus for donating CPS student desks and chairs to the exhibit.